Our niche has always been working with wild, natural product. This is not to say that we do not process and sell farmed fish, because we do. We acknowledge the pressures on wild stocks and also the limitations of closed season, so it is for these reasons that we have looked to offer an alternative to wild fish.

VAR Salmon

VAR salmon is truly a magnificent fish; it clearly reflects the environment in which it is grown. This Faroe salmon is carefully nurtured by 3 brothers who have devoted their lives since the early 1980s to the welfare of their fish. They believe that having complete control of the process, from the salmon egg to the final harvest of the fish, gives them the chance to produce an unrivalled product. Their philosophy is to replicate the conditions found in the wild. From the moment the fish hatch they are made to swim against a current. As the fish mature and grow so do the conditions they are subjected to. As smolts they are introduced to the full force of the Atlantic Ocean where they experience 6–8 metre storm waves. Couple these conditions with the long dark winters and long summer days, these fish experience the same conditions as their wild cousins who also winter only 15 miles away. This fish is clearly making its mark as the chefs’ choice in the top end restaurants in the UK.
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Irish Organic Glenarm Salmon

Irish organic Glenarm salmon is again another viable alternative to wild fish. This small farm situated off the coast of Northern Ireland produces a fish which will satisfy any discerning salmon connoisseur.

wild salmon from the River Severn