Severn & Wye Smokery in the Press

Let's face it, eels aren't exactly sexy | The Guardian

Bob Granleese of The Guardian interviews Richard Cook who talks of his passion for eels, conservation and restocking and river environment. The article appeared in The Guardian on 10 August 2013. Read it online here...

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Home Comforts | How To Spend It FT

"His gently smoked Var salmon from the Faroe Islands is easily the finest farmed fish I have tasted: strong, lean and muscular, closer to the silver bullets of the wild …" from The Financial Times’ luxury lifestyle magazine How To Spend It ....

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The 50 finest food shops outside London | The Telegraph

"While you scan the wonderful display of fresh fish in the shop, take a moment to peek through the window into the workshop beyond to see the masters at work …" from from The Telegraph ....

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