Severn & Wye Smokery in the Press

The OFM 50: what we love about the world of food in 2016 | The Guardian

"In at number 46 "Sustainable eels" and how Severn and Wye Smokery is helping tackle the issue of eel sustainability with a restocking programme…" from from 50 of Observer Food Monthly’s favourite things ....

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The man fighting to save eels stocks in the UK | The Telegraph

"Richard Cook is hoping to keep the dying practice of elvering alive on the River Severn" from from The Telegraph ....

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Let's face it, eels aren't exactly sexy | The Guardian

Bob Granleese of The Guardian interviews Richard Cook who talks of his passion for eels, conservation and restocking and river environment. The article appeared in The Guardian on 10 August 2013. Read it online here...

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