Tales from the Riverbank

Severn & Wye to look after a bit of history

Major news for us several weeks ago was confirmation that the Environment Agency had chosen Severn and Wye as the preferred bidder for custodianship of Lydney Docks. Of course our plans and ideas for bringing life and interest back to this historic site...

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One man's gain is another man's ruin

Farmed Salmon You know how they say the grass is always greener the other side of the fence. Well for anyone vaguely connected to the salmon business you can’t help but take an envious glance over the fence and see the position salmon farmers find...

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Spring is here but pollan is off the menu

Pollan may not be a fish many are familiar with, it’s actually from the Coregonus family and is a freshwater white fish similar to herring usually found in large lakes across Europe. I didn’t realise until recently that we even have a large...

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