Tales from the Riverbank

Spring is here but pollan is off the menu

Pollan may not be a fish many are familiar with, it’s actually from the Coregonus family and is a freshwater white fish similar to herring usually found in large lakes across Europe. I didn’t realise until recently that we even have a large...

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Salmon prices double bounce and wild sea trout will soon be here

Storm Imogen has passed, but spring really, really is just around the corner. On the 1st March, St David’s day in Wales, will also herald the 1st day of the Welsh sewin (sea trout) season for the coracle fishermen in SW Wales. This heritage fishery...

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Salmon’s up, water’s up, and new van charging up

Salmon Prices In last month’s newsletter I highlighted that as we approached Christmas we were experiencing the usual spike in prices and predicted the next critical period to be the run up to Easter. Well things are already hotting up, the Norwegian...

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