Tales from the Riverbank

THE FRENCH? "You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment."

Q: What’s the current caught legal limit for a wild sea bass? A: 36 cm or, for those of you like me that deal in old money, just over 14 inches. Now with a tail and head off that just about sits comfortably on a large 12 inch dinner plate. So that’s...

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Want a salmon? It could easily cost you £50,000

Eight hundred years ago on the 15th June, a date that we should all be celebrating locally as the salmon and lamprey fishing of the River Severn was listed as one of the assets of King John (he of Robin Hood fame) when he sat down on the banks of the...

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When there's no sea trout, there's always a lamprey

It’s been a slow start to the sea trout (sewin) season in Wales, but the quality of the fish we have seen has been amazing, with some large specimen fish already landed. It’s not uncommon to see fish of 5kg plus but we have had one in that...

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