Tales from the Riverbank

It's time to support the producers of Somerset; eat eel and hake

Christmas is now a distant memory and the freak wet and windy conditions that have prevailed over the past 3 months seem to have finally abated. Although no longer in the news thousands of flooded home owners are still trying to get their lives back together...

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The Union haggis and Covent Garden's 'Piano man' dies

I hope everyone had a Christmas to remember; those weeks over the holiday period of overindulgence seem a distant memory. Conversation (ones that I make very little contribution to) seem to revolve around exercise, the value of gym membership, abstinence...

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CHEFS, it's time to get your opinions

We've missed a newsletter, but maybe that’s no great disaster. It’s certainly not because there hasn't been anything happening. With the salmon season well and truly over, waders have been exchanged for tweed and ridiculously priced...

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