Tales from the Riverbank

Did I tell you about the days when we used to eat wild salmon?

It’s a strange time of the year, Christmas is over, children are back at school and days are starting to lengthen, we know spring is around the corner but the cold and frosty mornings have reduced those thoughts to whims and fancies. Guns have been...

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Season of goodwill

As the 'season of goodwill to all' approaches why don’t we extend that season to rest of the year and beyond indefinitely? This is not a political message but the major topic of discussion amongst all local employers is where are the people...

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Cod gets MSC certification, but is MSC fish on the menu the only sustainability credentials you want to be judged by?

The Riverbank News has been on hold for weeks hoping to pronounce the opening date for the new Café / Restaurant / Visitor centre / shop which is now complete. The delays have been caused mainly by things that you can’t see but which make...

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