Tales from the Riverbank

Russia throws a spanner in the works, a fall in prices is not what the future holds

Tales from the Riverbank returns after a little break of a few months. What’s been going on you may ask. Holiday, writers block, business in far off places - well a little of all those things really and of course the start and finishing of another...

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It's time to support the producers of Somerset; eat eel and hake

Christmas is now a distant memory and the freak wet and windy conditions that have prevailed over the past 3 months seem to have finally abated. Although no longer in the news thousands of flooded home owners are still trying to get their lives back together...

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The Union haggis and Covent Garden's 'Piano man' dies

I hope everyone had a Christmas to remember; those weeks over the holiday period of overindulgence seem a distant memory. Conversation (ones that I make very little contribution to) seem to revolve around exercise, the value of gym membership, abstinence...

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